Boys at Play

When Daddy and I were looking for something in the garage a few weeks ago I found a few toys that I thought the boys might be ready for.  I FINALLY got around to cleaning this activity table last weekend (it needed some serious toothbrush action) and it has made its way into the rotation.  Both boys are fascinated by it.  And so are the girls for that matter.  Why is it that baby toys are so interesting to the older ones?

Turns out that this is a good motivator to get Buddy to sit for a few minutes.  He has almost zero interest in sitting.  I practice with him a few times a day and he almost always barfs (from a too full stomach I'm sure!).  This boy just does not like to be still.  After a few minutes he throws himself on the floor and crawls away.

We are trying to get Bunny to move forward so I like to put him a ways away and then he reaches and tries to get to it.  Well he reaches at least.  Notice his legs in the air from the effort of trying to move!

They can't hit each other with it or steal it away from each other so this is a good "together" kind of toy.  I think Bunny was mesmerized by the swirly thing.

The staying home more idea is working out nicely for us!  Lots of fun playtime for everyone!

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