Babester Jedis

While Baby and I were cleaning Boogie's room today (Baby's idea.  How could I say no?) I discovered that Bunny fit nicely into Boogie's reading chair.  I haven't found anything I could get both the boys into a sitting pose in so needless to say, I was thrilled.  They just happened to be wearing their matching Star Wars onesies so what could I do but take pictures?
Of course right when I got them situated my camera battery died.  Apparently, when I re-situated I put them on different sides.  Anyway, you can see how different they are in this one.  Everything I have read about Down Syndrome always says that your child will look more like your family than anything else.  That is just not the case here!  Good thing too because I would never have my blue eyed boy if he did!

My favorite picture of the bunch.


Why don't you get a little closer mom??

Big sister wanted to join the party.  She looks thrilled and the boys look terrified!
They look like they are saying "Seriously mom.  Aren't you going to do something?"

Many more pictures in the pink chair to come!

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