The Patch

I was hoping that because we were going early the sun would not foil my photo ops.  Curse you California sun!!!  I did my best although I forgot our bigger sun shade for the camera and half the pictures were not usuable.  GRRRRR.  I'm sure if I was a better photographer I could work around it. 

I will probably just fake some in our front yard later today.  When you have a family of six you practically have a pumpkin patch anyway.

She looks royal doesn't she?
Her royal mischief
The pumpkin kings

I had to post all of these so you can see how hard I tried to get a good one.  These are the ones that weren't 100% horrible

I have NO idea what was going on here

You can see which 2 love the camera

The classic "Head in the Holes"
The girls got to pick one ride.  They both wanted the pony ride
This looks like a mug shot!


Sneak Peek

Days fly by around here.  I cannot believe that it is almost the end of October.  We haven't even been to a Pumpkin Patch yet!  We just got our costumes last weekend for goodness sake! 

If all goes according to plan we are going to try to squeeze the Pumpkin Patch in tomorrow morning before we head off to a party in the afternoon.  Mommy just can't let that photo op go.  We have to have the boys first patch pictures!

We did go on a field trip with Baby's class yesterday to a patch so we now have 2 lone pumpkins as our Fall decorations.  It was also an excuse to get the boys in their costumes.  Twist my arm.

On a sidenote:  If you are breastfeeding twins it is advised to a) eat breakfast and b) bring snacks to the field trip for yourself because the boys have missed their solid food meals and will want to eat all day.  If you do not, by 4 oclock your blood sugar will be dangerously low and you will be shaky and sweaty. If you find yourself in this predicament, 4 granola bars eaten very quickly and a few salt water taffys will have you feeling normal in no time. Lesson learned.

Back to the boys....

Lois where are you?
I'm on my way!!! 
The city of Gothom needs me mom.  No time to chat
Like my cape?


My Life in Pictures

I asked Baby how much she missed me when she was at preschool

Not Forgotten

I realize Boogie does not get a lot of face time on this blog.  It is not because she is not the same witty/hilarious/sweet girl that we all know and love.  Well, except for the addition of a few eye rolls and "whatever's" that being a first grader brings to the table.  For the MOST part she is the same girl that makes me laugh every day with her unique insight into the world.

The problem is that she is only home during the day that is the craziest most exhausting part of the day.  So when she says these funny things I forget them.  And forget trying to take pictures when everyone is melting down.

Yesterday I thought she looked so cute in her "wild west" outfit (spirit week at school) that I wanted to take a few pictures to go along with a story I knew I needed to remember.  For the record, we know that this is really stretching wild west.  This family is zero cowboy so we really had to be creative.

The hat was NOT part of the outfit
The story:  At Boogie's school they do a reward system called Kit Kat bucks.  The bucks are given when teachers notice a child doing good/kind/selfless things.  They are then used to buy things in a store that happens once every few months.

When I saw the announcement that the store would be happening I asked Boogie how many bucks she had.  She very sadly reported that she had none.  I asked her why and she said "I don't know!  I try my hardest to do nice things and nobody notices!"  I said "Aww.  It's too bad Teacher X (a teacher from last year) isn't your teacher this year because she always made sure you had some before store day"

A few days later as Bella jumped in the car at pickup she gleefully announced "i got you all presents at the Kit Kat store!"  I was obviously surprised since she had had none only days before.  I asked her how she got them and she said "Oh I went and found Mrs X and told her in my saddest voice that no one was noticing my good works.  So she snuck me 3 bucks at lunch time" 

At 6 years old my girl knows how to work the system.  My favorite part of the story is that she bought something for mommy, daddy and baby with her bucks and didn't even worry about herself.  That's my girl.


My Life in Pictures

All stocked up.  Won't let THAT happen again!

Double Trouble

These two definitely keep me on my toes.  I like to call them Curious George and Dennis the Menace. 

Obviously, Buddy is too young to actually be a menace but the hair fits and he is showing signs of personality that make me think he will be a good pal for his big sister Curious George.  Notice how she is egging him on even though she knows I don't like him crawling up there.

Daddy and I have a theory that Boogie and Bunny will spend their days dressing up,directing musicals and making beautiful art while these two are blowing up the back yard.

I think Buddy already sees the potential of their partnership because he just ADORES this big sister.  If he is near her he watches her like a hawk.

And off they go together.  Lord help me.....


My Life in Pictures

Anybody notice I don't have any food?

Bunny Time

The babes have started doing a new thing where one takes a long morning nap (Buddy) and the other takes a long afternoon nap (Bunny).  Some twin moms would find this unacceptable because they are not on the same schedule but I actually enjoy it.  It gives me time to spend one on one time with each. I have given up on trying to have a clean house or crossing things off of my to do list. 

This morning Baby was out in the backyard looking for X's that indicated buried treasure (so of course I will be digging in the back yard tonight and marking it with an X.  Or maybe I will make daddy.  Much better plan).  Bunny and I practiced his flying.

Look at my boy's baby blues!!  He has the most gorgeous eyes.  Even the outer rim of his eye is blue instead of black.  That may be normal with blue eyes....I wouldn't know.

Here he is babbling "Da da da da"

And probably here too.

And while it is a very cute trick..this is the trick I like more.  He is bringing his legs under his buns.  I know it's hard to tell his mini buns are in the air but they are I swear.  It's like he knows he needs to work back muscles AND tummy muscles.  Tummy muscles are needed to sit.

He has been doing this quite a bit and actually propels himself forward.  It may only be inches at a time but we make a HUGE deal when he does of course.

And my favorite picture.  He is OVER it and he needs milk now.  You can also probably see his eye tooth that threatens to pop through if you look closely.

Sister came back to us and decided she would try to console him.  He was obviously NOT having it.  This is his "I am very angry and LOSING it" face.  Don't worry...I stopped torturing the poor baby and fed him.

Super Bunny

I was quiet last week I know.  I plan to make up for it this week.  I have lots of posts rolling around in my head.

Last night the boys just didn't want to go to sleep so I gave in and brought them downstairs to play with me.  It is like free therapy I swear.  Give me ten minutes with the babies on the floor and instant mood adjustment.

The video is of Bunny's new trick.  He cracks me up. 


Buddy at 7 Months

Warning....ladykiller smiles ahead..

It's hard to get Buddy to smile for the camera.  Not hard to get him to smile...just for the camera.  I was quite pleased that I got some of his many smiles for my post.  This guy is a charmer.  Have I mentioned that?  He makes everyone fall in love with him. 

Mr Buddy is also a singer.  This guys sings in falsetto all the time.  I have high hopes for him becoming the lead singer in a Bee Gees revival band.  He LOVES guitar so my plan should work out perfectly.  Daddy is much more willing to watch him alone now that he has the secret weapon of guitar.  It should also be noted that Buddy prefers electric to acoustic.  Below is an adorable video (shot on my crappy phone) of Baby entertaining Buddy for me with her guitar:

He is still a rigid little guy.  I have been faithfully doing baby yoga and massage with both boys and I have noticed improvement in his range of motion.  It doesn't seem to bother him at all though!  He gets where he needs to go.

I swear it won't be long before he is crawling/crawling.  I have been resisting the urge to help him because I know that once I do my sanity is over.  He is already in to everything and finding everything that is bad for him.  He definitely keeps me on my toes.  I seriously can't imagine what I would do if I had two of him. 

Thankfully he has become a wonderful sleeper.  He goes down at 6:30-7pm and sleeps until I have to wake him up around 8am.  He also takes a nice 2 hr nap usually (yes they should be taking 2 but I will take it).  I never thought he would sleep so well.  I am relieved!!

He has become even less cuddly as the days progress and really just wants to be on the ground exploring.  He has no time for hugs.

As soon as I get a high chair for him, we will start trying self feeding.  He is ready.  This guys is obsessed with food.  He tries to grab everyone's food and stalks me if I am eating or drinking anything.

He is lots of work and lots of fun.