Settling In

It's two weeks in to our new school/preschool schedule and I finally think we are getting the hang of it.  Boogie is LOVING first grade.  Everyday when I ask her how her day was she responds with "Great!".  That is a pleasant change from last year's "Bad" or "Terrible". The fact that she is doing great and I know she's happy makes dropping her off everyday that much easier.

Baby also loves preschool and although it is not exactly convenient for her to have an afternoon preschool we are making it work.  She has been extra cranky and whiny this week and I am hoping it's just exhaustion from preschool.  The fact that she has been falling asleep about 5 minutes after she goes to bed makes me think I'm right.

I have to admit that the break when both are in school is nice.  I am not twiddling my thumbs and watching soaps by any means but at least I don't have to answer to mom 100 times in the 3 short hours.  I am becomming quite the student of efficiancy and multitasking.  I cram as much baking/cooking/phone calls/chores into those few short hours as the boys will allow. 

When we all get home again I am rested and more patient.  I even keep my cool during "homework time" which is saying a lot.  Today I worked extra hard an rewarded myself with a little "afternoon pick me up" at Starbucks.

The babesters waiting for breakfast.  Multitasking at its finest

I think the biggest lesson I am learning right now is how to be flexible.  In the morning I make a plan for the things I want to get done and a tentative schedule of when things will happen but the babies like to change it up on me constantly.  I just readjust things in my mind and keep on going.  It is crazy frustrating at times but I'm trying to let things go.

I am also struggling a bit with details.  I feel like I have a million balls in the air at all times.  On Tuesday when I picked Baby up from preschool the teacher kindly reminded me she needed to bring her special tote everyday.  *sigh*  That same day I opened Boogie's homework packet (that I had proudly signed the night before.  I remembered!) to find we forgot 2 spelling words and she had wrote 2 words in pen and I hadn't even noticed!  FAIL! 

My biggest fear is being thought of as a flake.  Everyone knows I have twins and I "have my hands full" (as people really like to remind me) but I still want the same standards to be expected of me.  I do appreciate the grace but I just don't want to be "that mom".  More procedures have been put in place to make sure homework is perfect and totes are remembered.  I'm sure there will be something new next week but I can only try my hardest.

The most important thing is that I am really enjoying my kids right now.  Watching them enter new seasons and grow as little people is so much fun.  I try to savor every moment with them as much as I can in all the craziness.  I know someday their little faces won't light up when they see me at pickup and I won't be the person that gets the biggest smiles and the deepest belly laughs.  I have to enjoy every moment.

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