New Tricks for Bunny

I call this Bunny's "Are you an idiot?" look.   His hands are kind of cut off in this picture but his first trick is that he claps.  It's so cute!  I like to sing "If you're happy and you know it" and clap his hands for him.  He smiles EVERY time.  He randomly claps throughout the day but he also does it purposefully if I coax him.  His therapist was so impressed yesterday.

Poor Bunny is getting in both his eye teeth.  The Pediatrician swears he can't be and won't but I have heard that children with Down Syndrome can get teeth in any order and I think me and soon to be vampire baby will prove her wrong.  Anyway, he can also grab his feet now.  Up until now he just folded his hands when he put his feet up but now he does the "grab and roll". 

He has been talking up a storm!  It used to be I never knew if he was awake or asleep in the car because he was so quiet.  Not anymore!  He babbles and squeels!  I love his little voice.

"I can do this trick and this trick and this trick....."

It's so fun to see Bunny making progress.  I'll try to get the clapping on video because it is way cute.

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  1. I love this post!! He makes me smile....


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