My Polar Opposites

I talk a lot about Bunny and his Hypotonia (low muscle tone) but what I haven't mentioned to many is that Buddy has Hypertonia.  My boy is very stiff.  His legs are affected mostly but his arms are on the stiff side as well.

I was blissfully unaware for the first few months.  I honestly just thought that a) he was strong and b) it was the contrast between the boys.  When Bunny's social worker and Development expert came for his evaluation they brought Buddy's stiffness to my attention.  They gave me a few exercises for him and told me to "keep an eye on him".  I thought "So what he is stiff" and did the exercises faithfully but didn't let it concern me too much.

At the boys 4 month old appointment I mentioned it to my pediatrician and she casually said "Well, I can give you a referral to a great neurologist if you want me to".  Again, it didn't click.  I was driving home when I realized that meant brain.  When a supervisor for Luca's program came to the house and was poking and prodding Buddy I asked her "Why neurologist?"  She looked like she did not want to say anything but finally said "To see if he has Cerebral Palsy"

My head felt like it was about to explode.  Surely God would not allow this?  I love Bunny to death and would not trade him for the world but when he was born I didn't think I could handle twins and a special needs child.  Now I possibly had two?  I warned my family that if he did indeed have it I was going to fall off the deep end.  That was more than I could emotionally handle.  Then I googled...I had to know.

The only thing Daddy and I could see that was the same is that his legs tend come together at the bottom.  But they don't cross over.  I also could not find a cause.  Cerebral Palsy is caused by a brain injury.  He was not deprived oxygen in delivery...he got great Apgars.  He has not had a traumatic fall.  I also read that it is an injury not a condition.  So the extent of the injury does not get worse.  And that is where I found peace.  Because if he was just a little stiff then we could work on that.

At this point both the doctor and a physical therapist friend have said they don't think it is CP.  He really just has hypertonia.  The doctor offered to give me the referral for peace of mind but I don't believe he has it in my heart (and I am doom and gloom girl).  I have decided we have enough going on without also enrolling him in Early Start even though I've been told he would qualify.  I have exercises I also do with him and we have exiled the johnny jump up from the house.  He is not supposed to be in any "equipment" that he stands in.

I do baby massage for both boys and hopefully will be starting the yoga soon.  I think the yoga will really benefit my Buddy.

I find it ironic that one baby is floppy and the other is super inflexible.  My little opposite bunnies.  Sometimes I wonder what in the world I did all the time when the girls were babies?


  1. Opposites attract...they will be the best of buds when their older :-)

  2. You are going through so much...I will pray that its ok. God will not give you more than you can handle..even though is feels like it :)


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