Ignorance is Bliss

Aww look..the good old days.  The days when I got to put Buddy in the johnny-jump-up for a few minutes everyday when I made dinner. 

It is truly amazing how much new knowledge you obtain about baby equipment when you have developmental specialists in your house weekly and when you spend hours a week on the forums for children with special needs and when you are obsessed with reading books about how to help your baby who is going to need lots of extra help.

This equipment which I happily rotated throughout the day with my girls is now off limits.  My Dr tells me it's fine and that the specialists are just being hyper vigilant but she doesn't know me very well.  Once I have the knowledge I cannot ignore.

I am like this with many things.  For instance, I am now the proud owner of a baby bottle warmer.  But I breastfeed and rarely use bottles.  I make my own baby food and freeze it.  Then it needs to be warmed to give to my picky bun buns.  They poo poo at cold food.  (Cold pureed butternut squash?  I hardly blame them)  The problem is that I read that microwaves kill the good nutrients in food in one of my books.  SO even if I am not 100% convinced I have decided I would rather not risk it.  For me sure.  But not for Buddy or Bunny.  They need their nutrients!  So I defrost the cubes on the counter then transfer it to bottles then warm it for them.  So much extra work and dishes!

I do this a lot with food too.  I get Dr Mercola's email in my inbox everyday and about once a week I read about something that I should be avoiding and cross it off the list of things that are allowed in my pantry.  You will not find a spec of soy in my house because he has convinced me it is the devil in disguise. People ask if I have sugar and I say no but I have stevia or raw honey?  We don't want to set ourselves up for diabetes right?  (Just ignore the ice cream and cookies.  I'm sure those are fine)

The bottom line is this.  Once I have been convinced I just can't forget.  Yes it would be easier to let the boys excersaucerise, or bumbocise or jump in the jumper.  Buddy would not be crawling and getting into everything yet.  It is not convenient for me to avoid the microwave for their food.  Especially when they are screaming.  It is more expensive to buy the grass fed beef.  I just feel like a little inconvenience on my part is worth it.  And if it is just hogwash and I am making extra work for myself well..... my intentions were good.


  1. I for sure do not want to add to your list of "do nots", but I would be remiss if I said nothing. I read in more then one place to not defrost homemade baby food on the counter. I know for every one thing you read you can find someone that says the opposite, but I just wanted to put it out there for you to look into.

  2. So of course I had to google. I didn't even think of it not being safe because it wasn't meat. The fear is that bacteria will get into it and I do cover it.... But I should prob stick with my "new new" method which is to keep big portions ready in the fridge. Things just do not defrost very well in my refrigerator which is why I was doing it in the first place :( Thank you for bringing it to my attention!


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