I Don't Has to

Yesterday Baby Bear had her four year check up.  Baby knew she was getting a shot (I like to prepare my kids as opposed to tricking them.  The element of surprise is NOT our friend) so she was a little wary of the whole visit.  She wanted to be right next to me when the dr walked in.  The dr asked her to draw a picture of the family and she would only draw me, Boogie and herself.  Then she scooted right back next to me.

For some reason this alarmed the dr and she starting in on the questioning.  "Who is in the family?  Why didn't she want to draw daddy or the boys?"  She kept giving me the "What is going on at home" look. 

Now rewind for a second to last Thursday.  That was the boys well visit.  Baby was being a stinker and trying to hang on me when the Dr was talking.  The Dr started saying things like "Are you mad that mommy spends so much time with the boys?"  Baby just looked at her blankly.  Now she was saying "Is it annoying that mommy always has to be with the babies?"  She was getting more blank looks.

The questions irritated me.  These are my 3rd and 4th babies.  Does she think I am clueless about sibling rivalry?  I have changed 20 post-potty-training poopy pull ups that say otherwise.  If she had asked Boogie about the babies then she would have gotten an earful.  And I KNOW that.  Because I KNOW my children.  I am not a clueless mom who is wondering why 6 months ago Baby started acting up.  It was actually once she started her afternoon preschool.  The girl is exhausted.

As far as the babies?  She is a sweet sister for about 10 minutes a day and tries her best in her 4 year old way to help when I need it.  Otherwise, she doesn't really notice them unless they are in her way.  She is a very independent child and does not need my full attention in the way that Boogie does so she is not "mad at mommy" about the babies.  Incidentally, on the way home she told me that she "did not feel like drawing short hair"

And look:

Once she felt like it she drew a very sweet pictures of her brothers.  Bunny is on the left with his faux hawk.  This picture is going in the memory box for sure!

I'm sure I will give her many reasons to enroll in therapy but clearly....having the boys was not one of them.

**The title is a family joke.  When I was a little girl and I didn't want to do something I would say "I don't has to".  We like to use the phrase as much as it is relevant around here.

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  1. Don't you hate that? I feel like people are looking for problems sometimes that are just normal behavior! Ugh! I love your blog I am faithful to it even though I don't always comment! You are doing an amazing job :)


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