Bunny Bear at 6 Months

I feel like Bunny has made so much progress in the last month.  Physically he is stronger and personality wise he is really starting to come alive.  I feel like socially he is behind Buddy by a month or two but he gets there.  For instance,  for a few months now Buddy has made grunting or squealing noises when he is not receiving all the attention.  Just this week, Bunny started doing it too. 

A few weeks ago I went to a kids consignment store and bought a bunch of new toys for tummy time as well as a boppy (hate the thing for breastfeeding.  Got rid of mine before the boys).  The boppy really lifts him on his tummy and makes him work on his head control.  It also makes it impossible for him to roll over to his back. I ALWAYS place him on his tummy on the ground and only give him a break if he is grumpy.  He has really gotten used to it and doesn't mind it so much anymore.  He has also improved the stability in his neck muscles.  I don't feel like I have to warn everyone to hold his neck anymore when I hand him off.

His infant teacher told us today that he is doing so great on his tummy that it's time to focus on a crawling position to strengthen his shoulder and arm muscles.  He's graduated!

A fun development for me is that I can tell he knows who I am now.  For the first few months it made me sad because I felt like besides the fact that I fed him I offered no more comfort to him than any other Joe off the street.  Now I can feel his pretty blue eyes on me as I move around the room.  He has just started with stranger anxiety too.  He pulled out his world famous pouty (I have to try to get a picture because it really is the cutest) for the dr last week and turned his red rimmed eyes to me for comfort.  This morning, a trainee came with his teacher.  She sat right down and started talking to him.  Out came the pouty again and mommy had to calm him down.  It is an occurrence that I have taken for granted with my other kids and  it felt so weird to not have that connection with him.

He is still my easiest baby.  He only cries when he is hungry or when Buddy has taken a swipe at him.  I will say however, that if he is crying and hungry he is not easily distracted.  Buddy can be tricked into forgetting for a minute or too but not Bunny.  When he has reached his point there is no going back.

The hand hold above is his favorite position.  Boogie says he is praying.  I'm sure he is praying for his mommy's sanity.

In the next few weeks I hope to start baby yoga with him and Buddy.  I found this book:  Yoga for the Special Child and I haven't finished it yet but it's on my list of things to incorporate.  I think both boys will benefit greatly.  I also hope to have a crawling track made.  I have wanted one for months but Daddy is working so much we just haven't had the time.  Other than that we are working on assisted sitting and the crawling pose.  It's a lot of work and things to remember!!  He is 100% worth it!!

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  1. I can't wait to see him again! <3


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