Buddy Bear at 6 Months

When I dreamed of having a boy I thought for sure he would have lots of dark wavy hair and he would be nice and chubby with big round eyes.  Basically he would be the male version of my girls.  (Or look like Baby as a baby since she looked like a boy!)

This guy looks nothing like I imagined but he is, in my opinion, the most beautiful baby.  He has barely any hair and is lean and mean.  His eyes are big but that's hard to tell through his crazy long dark lashes.

Personality wise he is a lot more fun at 6 months than he was at 2-4 months.  He used to scream alot.  He would scream until he was purple.  It freaked me out.  He wasn't bad for me but then I was his contant milk supply and he was trying to grow!  I always had to take him with me to the store because daddy did NOT want me to leave him with him. 

Now he is a happy boy who LOVES attention.  This boy will grunt and yell at you until you notice him and then he will flash his "Harrison (Ford)" crooked smile as a reward.  He is a major flirt.  He is not overly cuddly but he is not against it.  He will give kisses but only to his brother.  That melts my heart in a way I cannot explain.  I have tried to get him to give me a kiss but he ignores me.  Yet if I say "Give Bunny kisses" he crawls over and kisses him on the cheek.  Then tries to claw out his eye....

He is still a momma's boy and prefers me above all.  Baby was like that too.  It makes it hard to get alone time but since Baby was that way I know it won't last so I chose to savor.

Physically he is very strong.  Because of all the tummy time and lack of baby equipment he started scooting early and now gets into everything.  I get nothing done when he is awake.  I can't imagine what it will be like when he is walking.  Lord help me.

We have just scratched the surface of differences between boys and girls.  I'm sure I will be amazed at the energy and noise level in the next few months. Already it's funny to us that he loves to be scared and loves growls and loud noises.  The girls would have been in tears.

I cannot WAIT to see who this little munchkin becomes. I am so glad he is mine.

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