Baby is a School Girl

The day has FINALLY come.  Baby started preschool today.  She has asked me when school starts since we visited the school last May.  Every darn day....

She was SO excited.  She was telling the boys on the way there "Now I know you will miss me but I will be at school".  This girl had no separation anxiety like my Boogie tends to have.

I was pretty bummed to find out it was just her and another little boy today.  I almost cried when I left her because she had been so excited about making friends and there was just one boy.  Apparently, one little girl is on vacation and some other kids will be starting next week.

Bunny had a therapist coming to the house today and she made me 2 minutes late to pick Baby up and when I pulled up and saw her with her lunchbox, preschool canvas bag and her preschool crown I did tear up.  She just looked so sweet and like such a big girl.

Apparently, her and the boy got along great and Baby didn't even mention not having a bunch of friends.  I worried for nothing.  I will be happy when more kids join next week though.

Could I have found a bigger lunch bag for her???

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