Baby Bear's Party

This girl has been waiting for her Hello Kitty party for a very long year.  It wasn't huge and it wasn't fancy but she was one happy girl.

Grandma went a little crazy with the Hello Kitty paraphernalia.  It's a Grandma's duty.

She also bought us a larger than life pinata. Our kids have never had a pinata before because Boogie's birthdays are in the winter and require indoor parties and Baby has always been too little. Mommy was excited about the pinata. Maybe not excited about filling this larger than life one....  Couldn't you just eat that munchkin up????

I stayed up until the wee hours making those paper flower things. I wanted my baby to feel special and celebrated!! (The girls made me leave them up for weeks!)

After many nights of research I found a picture of the Hello Kitty cake without the Startipped frosting and decided I could handle a basic frost.  Baking and especially decorating is not my forte.  Not even close!  But these turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!  Thank goodness for Google!  My sister and I both decorated one.  She is a type A.  Guess which cake is hers?
Present opening is very serious business.

I love that little girls need to help each other unwrap.  The older girls brought Baby the presents and they had those presents unwrapped in record time!

A present from auntie. The wig was the favorite present of the day. Baby is quite obsessed with Tangled and has been dying for a wig.

Perhaps if we had had a pinata before now my kids would know how to hit one!

It was a fairly hot day but we managed to have fun. By the time it was cake time a wind had picked up making it impossible to light candles. Plus I had to buy the fancy cute candles that have an itty bitty wick. Oops!

When everyone left Baby ran in with a sad face and said "It's not my party anymore!" I love my girl!!

Even in it's simplicity this party took an army!  So thankful that I have such a helpful family.  I have found that parties and entertaining in general are just not my gift but for my special people I can put my big girl pants on and give it my best.  Especially when I have the support of others.  With all of our gifts combined we manage quite nicely.  And that is the wonderful thing about family.

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