"Wow! You Have Your Hands Full"

I get that a lot.  Especially at the grocery store.  Yes I said the grocery store.  The big scary place I thought I would never be at with all my ducklings in tow.  I seriously spent hours trying to figure out how I would get them all through the grocery store in one piece and with my sanity intact.  I decided early on it would be impossible and that I could only get out when my husband was home.  Except he often comes home very late.  So I had to figure it out and take the plunge.

This is how we do it:
 (Just picture 2 little monkeys hanging on to the sides too)

There are some key phrases that are involved in one of these shopping experiences.  They would be "Keep your hands off the cart",  "Stay next to me please",  and "We are not buying that today".  Those are obviously coming from me.  I hear "Wow!  You sure do have your hands full!", "Oh twins!!" and "You are a busy mama!"  multiple times during each outing.  The attention doesn't bother me too much because I am proud of my kiddos.  As long as I am not getting attention because a baby is crying or one of the girls is throwing a tantrum we are a-ok.

(As a sidenote: Boogie is in charge of remembering which baby sat in front last so they each get equal front time)

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  1. And I thought it was tough taking ONE! I would probably live as a hermit I was were you! LOL


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