Time Management

I have only had my sparkly new blog for one day and I am already ignoring my housework. Time management and "living in the gray" is not my specialty. I tend to pour my energy wholeheartedly into my latest obsession.

I'm just getting this out in the open so I can be held accountable to myself. It is WAY more fun for me to be tweaking a banner on my blog than to be sneaking in my 20 minute workout or starting a load of laundry but I know balance is not only necessary for my family but also for my own sanity.

The girls are happily making play-dough cakes and the boys are snoring in their swings and I'm going to sign off and stealthly gather the laundry and workout. An endorphinly balanced mommy is a happy mommy and as far as I know clicking the keys of a keyboard does not endorphins release.

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