If I had a Million Dollars

I am feeling completely inadequate this week.  I started reading Naturally Better and I am devouring it.  The mom in the book refused to allow her son with down syndrome to have anything but a normal life and researched and researched and got him on supplements, started treatments and did home therapy.  The pictures of her son are amazing.  He looks so healthy and strong.  The book is very inspiring.

....and discouraging.  We don't have thousands of dollars to spend on natural doctors, supplements and treatments.  I don't have every minute of my day to spend working with Bunny.  I have three other children whose lives are just as important.  I have a big house that doesn't clean itself.  I have meals to make.  I have a husband that works long hours.

I honestly spent the first half of the week with my head spinning.  How in the world would I fit it all in?  I know not all parents of children with down syndrome devote as much time and energy into their children but I want to feel like I did as much as I could for him.  I want to give him every advantage I can.

As I sorted my thoughts all week I came to this conclusion:  I know that I was chosen to be his mom.  He was chosen to be in this exact family.  God knew that we are not rich and that I don't have a lot of help.  It will definitely be a stretch for me to first not go overboard and then not to abandon the schedule.  I am going to do as much of the Glenn Doman program that we can reasonably fit it in the areas I think he needs most.  Obviously I can do the things with both boys so even if Buddy may not need the same things he will still enjoy the mommy time.  The girls are DYING to help me and I am going to use them.  I already taught them to do "grasp" exercises with Bunny.

As far as the supplements...I'm not sold on the idea of pumping him with tons of expensive supplements.  I have a few things I believe in and will do or have been doing but I'm just going to have to trust my gut on this one. 

I just love this guy!!


  1. God knew this little guy needed you! Your love and determination is just what he needs. Great job, Super Mom! Hugs, AJ

  2. Mama Bear, you are inspiring! Your conculsion is dead on. God hand picked Bunny Bear to be in your family and He picked all of you to be Bunny Bear's family. God is good!
    Love your Bear Family,

  3. love this blog! You are awesome :) I am getting my hands on that book because it sounds very familiar to me...donating every cent you own and every ounce of energy to helping your special needs child. However, without reading the book yet, I can tell you that a "clean" diet can make a world of difference and the supplements may not be as necessary if he's getting what he needs from food. When and if you are ready to go down that road, I'm here to help. You are an inspiration to me :)


  4. I totally agree about the food. A lot of the supplements are extra help for issues that are specific to Down Syndrome. And I'm sure I will be coming to you as he starts eating more food because I'm going to have him on a Gluten free diet (30% of people with Down Syndrome have celiac. I figure..why risk it?) This will probably result on the rest of us eating that way so I'll need tips! ;)

  5. I'm reading a book about how the body has to be at a perfect PH in order to function well and how a lot of our food becomes acidic once our stomach processes it. I've started adding a little lemon (just from a lemon juice bottle) in our water. From what I have read, lemon and lime and most veggies help to alkalize the body. Our body will stabilize our acid levels by depleting minerals from our organs and bones. That is normal to some degree, but with our fried, sugary, and processed food diets, the body ends up taking too many minerals out to counter balance the acid in our blood. Something like that....Anyways, I think you might want to google it at least and read a little about the importance of eating foods that will alkalize your body. For example, herbal tea is great for alkalizing your body, coffee is not since it becomes very acidic once your stomach processes it. K. Mullisen


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