Down Syndrome at 5 Months

When we were giving the diagnosis of Down Syndrome in the hospital I really had no idea what our life would look like.  I had heard of Early Intervention but didn't know what it was or how it worked.  I thought it might be helpful to give an update on Bunny Bear by month with where he is at and what therapies he is receiving so that someone looking to that future might understand what things might look like.  It will also be nice for me to look back and see how far he has come.

Bunny Bear has an infant teacher that was designated to us by Early Start.  She comes to our house once a week and does exercises with him and watches his progress.  Right now we are still working on neck control.  He can get his head up and keep it up during tummy time but he still doesn't have full control of it.  His infant teacher just put in a request for Physical Therapy so that we can move toward the next milestones like sitting up.  Because kids with down syndrome have low muscle tone they need exercises to help them strengthen the muscles used to perform these milestones.

This month the only extra doctor/specialist appointment we had was the infant ophthalmologist.  His eyes are tracking MUCH better than they were 8 weeks ago but now one eye is tracking better than the other so we are going back again in 4 weeks to see if things have changed.  If not then he may need glasses (I'm kind of excited about that.  I have never worn glasses so I'm guessing I shouldn't be but how cute would he look?)
To me, he just gets cuter everyday.  He is such a smiley boy and I've even gotten giggles out of him this month.  He now coos and makes more noise too.  I adore him.

Every day I put him on his tummy multiple times.  He most often rolls over but I try!  I also do a baby massage every day and lift him from laying on his back by his hands.  I've ordered a few new books this month:   Gross Motor Skills in Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, How Smart Is Your Baby?: Develop And Nurture Your Newborn's Full Potential, and Naturally Better: Dramatically Improve Your Child's Life Naturally.  I want to learn everything I can to help my son.

Emotionally, I am doing better.  I will still cry if I talk about the birth.  I feel like I got my heart broken and although I don't dwell on the pain all day if I go to that place it is still painful.  I truly believe that God chose Bunny Bear for our family and He has this whole plan for my family that I just can't see and I remind myself of that often.

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  1. shar- just want you to know this this post made me cry, just like i did the day that luca was born...i love you all so much and i also know that God chose you and berto to have that little precious boy because you will do an amazing job and luca will be so loved and taken care of every day of his life.


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