The Best Sister

To the untrained eye this picture might look like messy hair, bad flash and future chiropractic bills.  To me it looks like a breakthrough.

This has been a challenging summer for us.  The amount of time I need to spend feeding the boys limits the time I have to entertain the girls so they spend a lot of time together.  Most of that time is spent fighting.  It breaks my heart.  I KNOW that sisters fight.  I have a sister.  I thought that the age difference would work for us but so far it has been working against us.  I am desperate to strengthen their relationship so they see the value of their sisterhood.

I have been having heart to hearts with Boogie Bear and trying to appeal to her sensitive side.  I have been having Baby bear go to Boogie bear when she needs help and I have my hands full so she can see the advantages of having an older sister.  I have been pointing out nice gestures, praising the peaceful moments and playing up the "girls team" angle.  Behind closed doors I have been praying for peace, love and friendship.

This week the moments of peace have been longer and this afternoon was an absolute breakthrough.  The girls played together ALL afternoon.  The only shrieks I heard were joyful and there was no tattling.  When they came giggling into the kitchen like this I HAD to take a picture....good lighting or not.  It melted my heart.

Tonight I put the boys to bed and the girls and I had cuddle time.  When I asked for their prayer requests Boogie said "That Baby Bear and I will get along again tomorrow and that we will still be best friends"  I happily prayed that for my girls.  I think we are FINALLY moving in the right direction.

As they left the room Boogie said "Mommy I have the best sister"  and Baby echoed her sentiments.  *sigh*

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  1. Wow, that brought tears to my eyes! Total sweetness! Hugs, AJ


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