Babester Time

These guys were cracking me up when I was taking these pictures.  I was trying to get a picture of Bunny putting his legs straight in the air but as I was clicking away someone started grunting at me.  Then he posed.  He might have been wearing orange.  (How beautiful is this boy by the way?  He's like baby perfection)

Amazing to have both the boys in a great mood at the same time.  They were cooing and smiling and even giggling.

Buddy showing off his trick.  His legs are finally getting some chub on them!

Bunny prefers to hold his legs straight up and then politely fold his hands.  He spends a lot of the day in this position.  He likes his new trick!

I couldn't resist this shot!  These babesters are complete opposites and so much fun. 

If they are close enough they love to hold hands (or punch, pull hair, scratch....I mostly keep them arm's length away unless I am right there.  Buddy is particularly aggresive/curious)

The boy loves of my life. 


  1. i love these boys so much!! i kinda want to come over and goosh them right now :)

  2. These pictures brought a tear to my eye. I even had to show them to my husband. I love the one with their legs in the air. Which was followed up with a favorite of mine-hand holding.
    How come I love those boys so much?


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